Currently the one of the top selling and more effective robotic vacuum cleaners on the market. A 98% repeated coverage is achieved with every clean. High suction power vacuum cleaner which can also be converted to a mopping robot. Very effective for hair and dust control in the home.

This highly durable, modular unit can be fully maintained by the end-user. 

Distinguishing features:

  • Highly intelligent algorithms requiring virtually no intervention¬†
  • On-board, IR remote and application control
  • Centre roller brush and two side brushes
  • Suitable for a home around 250m2 floor size
  • Strong and adjustable suction

iOS and Android compatible application enabling easy control and tracking information via WiFi.

Also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The current cleaning mode, position, cleaning path and cleaning log are all available at a glance.

The cleaning mode, suction strength and cleaning schedule are only some of the easily configurable parameters available via the application.