Currently the most advanced technology on the market, from top to bottom. The LDS Laser system, SLAM algorithm, 42 sets of sensors and brushless motor provides a solid base to rely on an almost fully autonomous unit. It will navigate from one room to the next while ensuring a more than 98% cleaning effectiveness. It will automatically return to top up the battery and then continue its work. It can also cross barriers of a respectable 2cm in height. On standard mode, it can vacuum or mop for up to 150min at a time. Could be equivalent to over 200sq meters cleaning area.

It is very durable, easy to use and maintain. Operating it can be done via the free wifi application or included remote.

Distinguishing features:

  • 3D advanced mapping via LDS Laser and SLAM algorithm
  • Highly intelligent algorithms requiring virtually no intervention moving from room to room
  • On-board, IR remote and application control for advanced control
  • Can define cleaning areas and no-go zones via the map on the application, including cleaning parameters to suit you
  • Two guide side brushes and centre brush
  • Includes wet and dry mopping function
  • Strong and adjustable suction

The robot is able to make decisions and simply go about it’s work when you ask it to.

If you choose, you can also take control of the cleaning plan. Identify rooms or areas and decide on how you want them cleaned. For example, you can select one of the seven modes, including the vacuum strength, for each area. The ZK901 will then decide on a strategy and get to work.

Control, on a different level!

ZK901 features

iOS and Android compatible application enabling easy control and tracking information via WiFi.

Also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The current cleaning mode, position, cleaning path and cleaning log are all available at a glance.

The cleaning mode, suction strength and cleaning schedule are only some of the easily configurable parameters available via the application.

The ZK901 enables you to specify areas to clean, and how, via the wifi app. You can also just indicate where you do, or don’t want the robot to go.

KraftBot Zk901